【Caution!】Your website may be the first step towards lost opportunities


Do you know the rate of smartphone ownership in Malaysia all of a sudden?
The smartphone ownership rate in Malaysia is very high, about 125% of the population.
That’s about three out of every ten people in Malaysia own two smartphones!


For companies doing business in Malaysia, it is essential that their websites are touchscreen friendly.
Today, we will introduce the importance of this touchscreen friendly for your website.


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1. Responsive web design and user psychology
2. Method of confirmation
3. Conclusion


1. Responsive web design and user psychology

There are currently many standards for smartphones, and if tablets are included, they all have different screen sizes.
The term ‘Responsive web design’ refers to the fact that the design and layout displayed is optimised for the various devices used. By adjusting the design and layout to suit the device used by the user visiting the website, the website can be viewed comfortably, and the company’s appeal can be conveyed in all its glory.

On the other hand, if your website is not responsive, there is a high possibility that visitors will leave your website with a negative impression of your website, such as “hard to read” or “unreadable” because the PC site is displayed, leading to a lost opportunity.


2. Method of confirmation

So how can you check that your website is responsive?

1. actually view the website on your smartphone
2. reduce the size of your PC browser (Google Chrome, Edge, Safari, IE)


The method in 1. is very simple and easy to check.
Take this opportunity to view your company’s website on your own smartphone.
The method in 2. is different from the method using the device to check if the design is consistent by changing the width of the website. If the design does not collapse by reducing the width of the browser you are using, this can also be judged to be responsive.


3. Conclusion

Thanks for reading this far.
In this article, we have summarised Responsive.


However, we believe that there are companies who are not sure how to actually implement responsive measures, or who are not sure what to improve after implementing responsive measures. If you wish, please feel free to contact us from below, and we will diagnose your website free of charge and guide you to the points to be improved according to your concerns.


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