Get inquiries for free! Learn how to operate a social networking account for beginners!

We would like to introduce how to attract customers to your company’s website using SNS accounts, which many companies have begun to utilize in the past few years.


What are SNS accounts?

First of all, the typical SNS accounts are










・Whats app etc.


Each SNS has its own unique characteristics and is compatible with different types of businesses, but Facebook and Twitter can be used effectively by all companies.


Below is a summary of the advantages and disadvantages of SNS accounts in relation to typical methods of attracting customers through web advertising (search-linked ads, display ads, etc.).


Features of Facebook and Twitter Accounts


Among SNS accounts, Facebook and Twitter can be used effectively by many companies. However, the ease of use of SNS accounts differs depending on national characteristics.




Facebook is a very popular SNS in Malaysia, with a high usage rate among Malaysians.


Compared to other SNS, Facebook is a more closed SNS, because it is more commonly used to connect with people you know and to disseminate information rather than to connect with a large number of people.


 Because of the high degree of real names, it is sometimes used as a way to exchange business cards.


If you want to send out information to Malaysians, Facebook can be used efficiently and effectively.






Twitter is a SNS with a character limit of 140 characters per post.


Twitter is highly anonymous and provides real-time information and is often used by Japanese people in Malaysia to catch up with timely information.


On the other hand, the usage rate of Twitter by Malaysians is lower than that of Facebook, so it can be effective when you want to send information to Japanese people.






Of course, the most popular SNSs differ not only by nationality, but also by generation and gender, so it is important for each company to select the SNSs to focus on depending on who the main target audience is.


This is common for both business-to-business (ToB) and business-to-consumer (ToC).


It is also important to enhance the website, which is the destination of the inflow.


In addition to determining the target audience, it is one of the few tools that can be used to attract customers free of charge, depending on how creative you are in terms of posting regularly and sending out the latest information and campaigns.


Also, do not forget that SNS accounts are only a means to attract customers to the company’s website, so it is necessary to enhance the company’s website as well.






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