3 key points to improve the quality of the website and boost sales!


In our previous article, we introduced about what you should prepare for creating a website in Malaysia.


In this article, we will introduce 3 key points on how to improve the quality of the website and lead to sales.

1.Quality of content




1. Quality of content

The essential nature of a website is that it contains useful information to the user without error.Therefore, it is important that the contents of the Website are valuable to the user.


Deliver useful information to users who visiting your website, such as your company profile, your products, job vacancies, and other information in a well organized and available manner.


Update information frequently, even if it is trivial, to contain the most up-to-date information that users need.


2. User-friendly


The usability of a website is considered to be the most importance nowadays.


Do you know what type of devices your target users use such as PC, smartphone, or other, to visit your website?


If your website is not smartphone-compatible, it will be very inconvenient for users browsing on smartphones.


Even if you improve the quality of your content, if users find it difficult to use, it will cause them to leave.


The main points of user friendly are as follows:-



Many users now browse websites from their smartphones.

In particular, most job seekers browse from smartphones, so it is recommended that companies are recruiting for staff, should ensure that their website are smartphone compatible.


     2.Menus and enquiries are placed in the most user-friendly and optimal locations.

Users will leave if it is unclear where to make an inquiry or if there is too much information on the page and they cannot get to the desired information.

Think about user psychology and pay attention to the structure of the website and the arrangement of content.


     3.The time it takes for a page to open is fast.

The time it takes for a website to open is very important.

A website that does not open easily is a major cause of abandonment.

The images and program code used on the website and the server can slow down the speed at which the website opens.


Find out what measures you can take to ensure that your website is easy to view from any device, including PCs and smartphones.


3. User-findability

Based on the above two points, no matter how useful the information on your website is and how easy it is to use, it is meaningless if users do not see it.


Many users visit your website using search engines.


Assuming your target users, think about the keywords (text) they are likely to use when searching, and include them in the text of your website to make it easier for users to find your website.


Especially important parts such as company name, area should be written in text and include keywords that are likely to be used when searching.


There are other ways to improve your search engine rankings (SEO).


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