News Release

Annoucement for change of company name to Agensi Pekerjaan eeevo recruit Sdn Bhd

Refer to the above subject, we are pleased to inform you that our company has recently changed the business name from Agensi Pekerjaan AN Asia Sdn Bhd to Agensi Pekerjaan eeevo recruit Sdn Bhd. This change came into effect on 28th February 2024.


Please note that there has been no change in management and services we offer. Also, all the contract and agreement that has been signed remain unchanged. Nevertheless, name change shall not impact our on going cooperation and agreed terms. The name change is consequence of company branding by making clear relation with parent company.


We would highly appreacite if you could bring this information to the attention of your respective department responsible for making necessary update on the changes.