News Release

About the establishment of the new enterprise ‘eeevo creative Sdn.Bhd.’


Japanese IT company, eeevo Group (HQ: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) which develops businesses in Japan and South-East Asia will divide the system development division as a new enterprise, and establish it as ‘eeevo creative Sdn.Bhd.’ in Malaysia.



Background Story of the Establishment of eevo creative Sdn.Bhd.

Due to the current circumstance with Covid-19, the needs of a digital transformation from the Japanese companies in South-East Asia are becoming higher. In order to correspond the situation with the structure specialised in system development, they have decided to establish a new company, ‘eeevo creative Sdn.Bhd.’. 


eeevo creative Sdn.Bhd. is going to advance the service system stronger, targeting more towards the Japanese companies in South-East Asian countries including Malaysia. 


eeevo Group has been developing the system development business for 9 years since the establishment, and they have a lot of experiences in this field having many clients companies including Japanese organisations.  

Their service is available in multiple languages including Japanese, English, Chinese, Malay, and Thai. 

There are Japanese staff working in Malaysia as well, therefore, the communication with a client can also be taken in the multiple languages mentioned above. 


【Company information:eeevo creative Sdn.Bhd. 】

Company name               : eeevo creative Sdn.Bhd. 

Description of business   : Website Design / System Development / Creative Design

Director                            : Noritaka Araki / Shota Narusawa

Address                           : Unit B-9-2, Level 9, Block B, Northpoint Offices, Mid Valley City, 

                                           59200 Kuala Lumpur




New Company Establishment Campaign

eeevo creative Sdn.Bhd. will be organising a new company establishment campaign. 


<Details of the Campaign> 

Limited to the first 10 companies, they will be receiving an order to design a website from RM3,000~ (JPY 80,000~ / THB23,000~).

*Please contact the number below for more information about the campaign


eeevo creative Sdn.Bhd. / +60 (3) 2775 2467   Director: Mr. Narusawa 




About eeevo Group

eeevo Group is a Japanese IT company which develops businesses in Malaysia, Thai, and Japan. Since 2012 when they established the first business in Malaysia, they have more than 150 business records with Japanese client companies in total. The businesses that eeevo Group covers are not only system development, but also digital marketing, company expansion supporting business, employment agency, and also human resource development.



♦︎eeevo Group

Founder                        : Noritaka Araki

Date of establishment   : October 2012

Locations                      : Malaysia, Thai, Japan

Address in Malaysia     : Unit B-9-2, Level 9, Block B, Northpoint Offices, Mid Valley City,  59200 Kuala Lumpur


◆More information

eeevo creative Sdn.Bhd. / +60 (3) 2775 2467  Director: Mr. Narusawa