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Japan Business Ability Qualification Exam「JBAA」to start in Malaysia


eeevo malaysia Sdn.Bhd. (HQ: Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia), a Japanese IT Company which operates in both Japan and Malaysia, started a Japan Business Ability Qualification Examination course and became the only authorized agency in Malaysia. In year 2019, we plan to start this project in Singapore and Thailand.


The Purpose & Target of JBAA

“Japan Business Ability Qualification Exam Course” is a certification exam organized by Japan Business Ability Authorize Association (JBAA) in Japan. The target is foreigners who work in Japan or Japanese companies in overseas, with the aim of acquiring the unique business manners, practices and ethics of Japan.


There is a common problem of “how to train foreign staff” facing by Japanese companies who operating their business outside Japan.
From basic things such as “Ho Ren So” to ethical matters, there are many things that are “Japanese common sense” but is not “common sense” in overseas, therefore, it is common for troubles may also occur from a difference consciousness.


It is a business with the goal of making foreigner to learn about Japanese culture and business customs, to allow the communication both inside and outside of the company progress smoothly, as well as to enable business to proceed efficiently.





To spread the Japan Business Manner in Malaysia

eeevo malaysia Sdn Bhd will cooperate with about 1,400 Japanese companies* and Japanese language education institutions in Malaysia as well as the Malaysia government by outsourcing the lecturers to them to provide Malaysians with Japanese business manner course. We believe that with this course, it possible to make the business of Japanese companies became smooth.


We are cooperating with Japanese Language School in Malaysia called “A to Z Language Center”. There are professional Japanese teacher with knowledge about Japan and holding a certified JBAA lecturers license.
Furthermore, a certified JBAA exam will lead you to more easy on finding a job. We also will expand cooperation with our recruitment company and human resource training company.


Specifically, we will conduct a 2 days training program for companies and examination for companies and individual students.

※1,396 companies (Manufacturer: 712 companies, Non-manufacturer: 684 companies)as of December 2016 Reference:JETRO Homepage





In the era that Japanese business manners courses are needed outside Japan

Japanese government decided to expand acceptance of foreign workers from April 2019, it seems that JBAA will increase its importance both in Japan and overseas. It will grow to become a standard program for training staff of Japanese companies in the world and awareness will also increase.


Currently, about 200 companies in Japan agreed with JBAA, and in overseas besides Malaysia, JBAA has cooperate with company in India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Vietnam, Philippines, to conduct the business manner course and Japan Business Ability Qualification Exam.


Also, at the Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City University of Social Sciences and Humanities, has started the JBAA Business Manner Course as a regular class.
The company group plans to outsourcing JBAA lecturers and JBAA exams in Thailand and Singapore in year 2019.




♦︎Japan Business Ability Authorize Association  (JBAA)
Organizer: RC Planners Co., Ltd
Address: Neocastel Akasaka 402, 2-12-25 Akasaka, Minato-ku Tokyo, 107-0052 Japan
Representative Director: Toshiya Sasaki Website:


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