News Release

eeevo Group- tie up with Research and Education Promotion Foundation aimed at promoting JBAA in Thailand

Japanese IT company, eeevo group (Head Office: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) , which is an exclusive agent for Japan Business Ability Authorised Association (JBAA), is committed to promote JBAA in Thailand in partnership with Research and Education Promotion Foundation.


JBAA official textbook in Thai language (both level 3 and 4) will be arranged and released.  JBAA public exam will be held in 2020.




The objective and Target of Japan Business Ability Qualification


Japan Business Ability Authorised Association (JBAA) – organised qualification exam is for non-Japanese who has worked for Japanese companies in Japan or overseas and who has worked for companies having Japanese clients.  The objective of the exam is non-Japanese enable to learn unique Japanese business manner, customs and ethics.


One problem commonly faced by Japanese companies is “how to promote non-Japanese staff’s understanding of Japanese corporate culture”. “Japanese common sense” sometimes are not their common sense, troubles between Japanese and non-Japanese are not uncommon.

Japanese Business Ability Qualification exam was established to help non-Japanese to understand Japanese culture and customs, thereby communication in the office would go smoothly and business would go efficiently.


eeevo group is committed to promote JBAA as a JBAA exclusive agent in Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.  JBAA has started in Malaysia since January 2019, developing JBAA corporate training, class for individuals, public exam and selling textbooks. We will engage in these business in Thailand as well.





Business plan about promoting JBAA in Thailand


According to statistics from Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Registered Japanese companies are in Thailand are 3,925, Japanese residents are 72,754 in total. Thailand has the fourth highest number of Japanese expatriates in the world (1).  You can enjoy Japanese atmosphere in Bangkok. A lot of Thai people study Japanese and are willing to work in Japanese companies.


eeevo group had JBAA lecturer training in Bangkok in March 2019.  2 persons passed and acquired the qualification through the training.

eeevo group Thailand, in corporation with Research and Education Promotion Foundation, will engage in promoting JBAA textbook and exam in Thailand.


Research and Education Promotion Foundation has a strong relationship with Japanese companies, institutions of Japanese education, research institutions of medical and engineering. Utilizing this strong network, we endeavor to better business and strive to enhance JBAA through our activities


(1) Note: An excerpt of Ministry of Foreign Affairs official website (as of 1 October 2017)