News Release

eeevo group launch “webAR”, a sales promotion tools using AR in South East Asia

eeevo next Sdn. Bhd., Japanese IT company(Head Office: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) will launch “webAR (Augmented Reality)”, a sales promotion tool using AR in South East Asia. WebAR is a technology developed by KAKUCHO Co., Ltd (Head Office: Tokyo, Japan) which this new service used by major companies in Japan.  eeevo strives to promote web AR as an exclusive agent in Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia where online services are growing rapidly in the country.


WebAR not required downloading any apps or AR markers. It can be implemented by embedding the link into the existing website, and also the costs of installation can be reduced. This is a new service that allows users to experience AR by browse the website.


By incorporating AR technology, customers will be satisfied with their shopping experiences through their mobile phone and will return for future purchases.
It allows customers to have better visuals and also provide from 360-degree view to deepen understanding of your products.





 WebAR: “Simple/Easy” and “Low Cost”

When we are talking about AR, probably “Pokémon” would come up in your mind.  “Pokémon Go”, which blends AR with real-world scenarios, took the world by storm.
Just like “Pokémon Go”, AR offers you the opportunity to have an unique experience, however, the existing AR service requires a special application, high implementation costs and high barriers.


WebAR, on the other hand, is low cost and easy to implement;
1. Provide information on the product you want to AR, then create AR data
2. Embed the link into the website
3. Click a browser to start up AR




Expected promotion effect via webAR

The features of webAR allow customers to have better visuals of products and also provide them with the opportunity to view the products from 360-degree. As a result, it will allow your business to grow and enable customers to have the satisfaction of experiencing the product first-hand.


Online sales promotion effect

If you compare an EC site with AR and without it, the time that customers stay on the site is 2.7 times higher and shopping rate on the site is 11 times higher if AR is embedded※.


When customers purchase items, they spend time on choosing items on the site.
Normally, customers check photos and feedbacks online before purchase.


On the other hands, AR provides an enhanced visual experience by offering customers the opportunity to see products in home before purchase. It is expected to be effective in increase customer satisfaction and lower return goods rate.



As a face-to-face sales tools for store or exhibition

QR code will redirect the user to AR web app and that also contains the marker for AR.
As the tool to drive sales up, printing AR Marker on your brochures, flyers and signboards. It allows customers to easily experience products in stores and exhibition.





Case study of webAR

・EC site/website

Time that users stay online will be improved. As AR provides an enhanced visual experience to the customers. It is expected to be effective increase the rate of purchase and lower the return goods rate.

・Luxury car, furniture, piano, etc

webAR allows customers to virtually park the car at their garage, visualize furniture or piano in their own home.  It helps to increase desire of customers to purchase.


When VR and AR technologies are incorporated in events, they serve to enhance attendee experience as well. Costs of in/out of event tools can be reduced too.


・Sales support tool

By using AR, you can explain the products through tablets or smartphones. Even for large products that are difficult to carry, you can explain the sense of size and viewing from various angles while showing AR.

・Making topics at events

Visitors feel that they are standing just next to the character and able to interact with the character. Users can take unique photos at the event venue and shared on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. It can be used as a tool for creating topics as well as tool for promoting posting to SNS.



Coupons will be displayed by scanning QR code on magazine/signboard.