Besides our own web media, we do have an influencer network in Japan and Southeast Asia.

M-navi is Japanese/English bilingual online directory site where you can search companies in Malaysia and services.

“M-navi Business” provides you companies and business related information, “M-navi Life “ provide lifestyle information to Japanese who lives in Malaysia.

In addition to the above, the site provides you voucher, press release and seminar information.

Go Malaysia
Go Malaysia

Go Malaysia is the biggest online Japanese information site in Malaysia.

Target audiences are Japanese who lives in Malaysia and who are interested in travel/relocation/studying in Malaysia.

The site provide useful information such as restaurants, educations, travel-related, classified as well as local news.

Influencer Network
Influencer Network

We help you to find Youtubers or influencers, from micro to macro, for your business in Southeast Asia and Japan.

You can introduce your products to target audience through “Live Commerce Network” which Influencers and leading media in Southeast Asia are linked.

Our network guide you anytime you need and makes your progress earlier.


webAR "webAR can be an interactive sales tool using AR(Augmented Reality)”

WebAR provides access to web-based augmented reality via the web browser using a combination of technologies.

WebAR is all about making AR accessible to everyone, everywhere by bringing immersive experiences directly to the mobile web browser - no app required.

You can experience to view and interact with AR 3D objects in real-time.

①EC site / Product site

It can be accessed directly from a mobile browser WEB. AR enables the users to get more in-depth details on the object (furniture, electronic goods, etc) and can place a virtual image of an item of furniture into the photograph, which will give the customer an idea whether what they are buying will match their home.

② Print media including a catalogue, a brochure, a flyer

Your brochure can become a powerful interactive sales tool.(AR) code can be used to feature in any print media that potential customers experience 3D effect.

③OOH advertisement

Scan QR code on the OOH advertisement by using mobile phone, you can enjoy 3D experience.

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